Main advantage of our company is
The high quality materials and low manufacturing costs.

Our customers are very significant to us!

The company was founded in 2004. The 3,000- square metre- sized company is situated in Thessaloniki.

Our people, the most important tool in our success and development are always available to inform you about our products, market trends and offer you solutions suited to the characteristics of your company. Our production focuses on personalized or not products which can be made in any dimensions, quantities, colours and qualities that you want. They are mainly manufactured by human hands.

The Cartabianca paper bag is a both functional and economical solution. It promotes the corporate identity of your business with an impeccable quality and a unique way. It is the means of a brand name transportation .

Through the widest ranges of products we promise to ensure each customer the product that best meets its needs on time. The excellent quality of raw materials combined to an excellent know-how of the company offers both Greek and foreign market quality products based on high specifications.

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