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The art of packaging

Production and sales of packaging products

The customer when they receive a purchase they firstly come into contact with its packaging. Packaging is a promise for the content. Therefore, packaging and product should be considered as a unit. The packaging unveils the quality of the product before the customer even see it.

The packaging of the product is so important as the brand itself. The customer during the unboxing perceives the quality and the details each company focuses on. Hence, they evaluate positive or negative the brand. This is the reason why very popular brands, worldwide, pay so much attention to the packaging.


The packaging is a key element in the relationship between a brand and the end consumer, even for a long time after the purchase. Successful packaging, with regard to fit, durability and reuse, remains in the work or home environment of consumers and captures an important memory for them.

A “powerful” packaging enables the differentiation from the competitors and offers a unique opportunity, both in terms of B2B and B2C, to shape the perception of the customers about your products.

At Cartabianca, based on years of experience, ongoing progress and numerous projects implementation, we are by your side to highlight your corporate and products identity.

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