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Cartabianca Handmade

Handmade paper bags

Luxury & Style

Create your own handmade paper bag adding prestige to your company. A handmade paper bag is the most luxurious version of packaging and it can make the gift packaging of your online store unique and your physical store stand out. Through a wide range of highly durable materials, you can choose the colours that you like and create the ultimate paper bag that will take your packaging off the ground. Quality packaging is one of the key factors that make customers buy again or offer their gifts to their loved ones.

At Cartabianca we can implement any idea in order to create your own special paper bag. You can choose materials, dimensions and colours that represent your company and in collaboration with our designers advertise it in the best possible way. Our bags are total custom product of top quality construction and details such as embossed paper, Uv logos and special handles that will impress even the most difficult customer. Our paper bags can be reused daily and advertise the brand for which they have been made. The more aesthetically successful and qualitatively produced the packaging, the greater the use and advertising it offers, while at the same time, high quality packaging confirms the right purchase choice of the consumer.

Design with us Luxury packages that will highlight your products and your enterprise.

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