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Clothes hangers

Hangers are the key factor of clothes display in your physical store. By using the proper hangers the correct anatomy of the clothes is highlighted and they look more attractive. Proper uniformity and display of hanging clothes make store guests spend more time for their purchases while at the same time it enhances your business aesthetics.

You can choose luxury hangers from materials such as velvet, wood or high quality plastic or even hangers from 100% biodegradable materials in a wide range of colours and prints that suit the aesthetics of your store. Many companies choose to include hangers in the packages offered to customers, so that they can use them every day. In this way the brand itself gets into the houses of the consumers. Fashion shows choose for their new collections our most innovative hangers made of Swarovski or velvet, while hotels choose also high quality hangers that become part of the rooms’ aesthetics and impress guests. A hanger is not only used to carry on clothes but also as a necessary packaging accessory for the proper display of clothes.

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