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Cartabianca Cartons

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Cartons and cardboard cupboards are used widely as the most common way of transporting and handling goods. In order to advertise goods during their transport, companies choose to print their logo on cartons and cardboard cupboards. Depending on the weight of the goods and the strength needed, three- leaf or five-leaf cartons are made of different types of paper weight and quality. Cardboard cupboards are the only way to carry clothes without them getting wrinkled. Thanks to the transport bar with the safety bar, clothes are transferred on hangers in the cardboard cupboards are fully protected.

Durability is the main feature of cartons as their main purpose is to protect the goods during transport. It is very important to choose the right materials for the production of the cartons as sometimes, goods reach the final recipient torn due to mistreatment in transport, with the result that the final recipient forms a false impression on the sender.

Without limiting yourself in sizes and printing colours, you can design your own individual cartons at Cartabianca, protecting your merchandise and impressing your customers.

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