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The wide range of textile products includes fabric cotton bags, suit cases, non-woven bags and pouches. Enterprises are looking for durable and reusable solutions so that their brands form part of the daily lives of customers. Therefore, they choose as additional packaging or sometimes even as basic one, cloth bags made of special materials in order to impress their customers. In the field of fashion, delivery of suits along with their hangers, protected from getting dirty or wrinkled in a suit case, has become a must. In the same way, companies dealing with clothing accessories or jewellery choose high quality fabric pouches always customized with their logo. Enterprises active in the field of traditional food also choose textile materials for the packaging of their products.

Consumers are impressed when the packaging of the products is of quality and well thought. In this way, they feel that they have made unique purchases from unique companies! By using fabric packaging, companies add value to their products and prestige to their brand. Textile products are often offered to customers as a reward for their purchases. For example, many online stores offer their customers cloth bags which they can use in their everyday life therefore advertising the brand itself.

Undoubtedly, fabric packaging is extremely important for the successful advertising and building of brand names.

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