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Cartabianca Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

Tissue paper is the factor that adds value to your products. Printing your logo on high quality tissue paper, on the one hand protects the product itself and on the other hand gives the feeling of luxury not only for the product but also for your brand. It is also worth noting that a careful packaging requires the presence of special wrapping paper with your own brand name on it.

All companies use tissue / wrapping paper when packaging their products. Some examples are tissue paper for clothing stores, jewellery or even technology products.

Many companies place particular emphasis on the consumer’s experience which depends directly on their expectations. These expectations are met not only by the product itself but by its careful luxury packaging which is complemented by the right wrapping paper. Large companies in Greece and abroad, such as Oxford company, Mat, Dust + Cream, The Bostonians and others have trusted Cartabianca as experts in packaging materials for placing their brand on high quality printed wrapping paper.

Tissue paper